Sims 2-Story:
Lost in Time Warp Continuum?
The action and all persons acting are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons living or would be purely coincidental and completely unintentional.
It's a hot Summer-Evening and we are at home with the Van Houten Family. Son Greg is sitting as usual on tv, Father Mike is working or gaming on his pc and Mother Claire appraises her flowers. Greg: "The movie is starting soon soon, You would watch it too."
Yes, right, i was looking forward to the whole day. Let's make ourselves comfortable on the couch. "This thriller is not over 18 I hope?" askes Mother Claire his son Greg. "Did You made already your homework at all?", says his father.
"Aha, something happen now." "How did it get here...I can't remember on anything...what shall I do here? My skin!!!!! ...what is happened with my skin and my face?" Confusion and fear dominates him.
"...I can't remember on anything...what's my name?" Stranger: "Hello Mister Brightside, how are You? I see, not very well." Brightside: "What i'm doing here?? And who are You?"
"You can't remember?? My name ist White, I am or better I was your assistant at the research institute. You were vice managing scientist. You and Your Big Boss Mr. Moroski had a great intention. You, Mr. Brightside were a volunteer for doing a clone from yourself." "Simultaneously you wanted do do a time travel into the future, into the year 2354 probably, and you wantetd to beam up to a determinate place, the Caribbean or elsewhere". But a lot of things went wrong. Your Clone disappeared, at this time you aren't in a not good health and You suffer on loss of memory. Everything will be alright."
Brightside: "I need now some fresh air, I want to go outside." White: "I come with you". Odd! I have never been here before in this place. Not that I am aware of. Everything is Dessert.
"Its raining, but nothing is growing here. Could I drink this water?" Meanwhile a female figure draws nearer, she looks a little deformed. "GRuuuar...Wrarrrr...Brooooo..."
She's coming closer. Anxious. Brightside: " are you doing? Who are you? A terrible fight is going on.
......after about 45 minutes: No winner after this struggle. Both rivals are equal. Brightside: "What are she doing?" White: "You didn't know her? She is one of your former scientific officer, Mrs. Bernfeld. She was lokking before a little bit more "attractive". Apparently she suffers from shock and loss memory too.. The same symptoms like yours." Brightside: "I guess, we take her into the house, I want to know more. And maybe she is hungry and thirsty." Little by little the memories of both perosns appear again.
"Yes", finally she said, "wir worked together and we had a "private realtionship." He: "Really? We both?" Mrs. Bernfeld: "We even wanted to get married. The Wedding Date was fixed." Brightside: "I am sorry, It's all my fault." Bernfeld: "No, if you talk about fault: My fault and fault of other ones. Not yours alone. Above all I still love You! a little while ago I didn' recognized You and was confused and anxious like You." Brightside: What's wrong with your skin? ", Hm, no pain. Molecular alteration I think."
Bernfeld: "Befor I forget: Our Company made us very prosperous. The stocks continuously rose in value. I think, bang goes the money now." Brightside: "I think, we have find out a lot now. Basically: How and why happened all theese things and how we can get back into in our normally world. Which part is playing Mr. Moroski and why Mr. White is here at all?" Father to son: "Now it's late and time to sleep and please brush your teeth before you go to bed. Good Night." Greg: "The Thriller was amazing. Im looking forward to watchting the next episode at next week. Ich go to bed now. Good night Mom and Dad. Claire: "Good Night Greg, sleep well and have nice dreams."